Providing a Message of Hope, to the Hopeless


11/3/2019AMThe Gospel According to IsaiahDr. Frank Thacker
10/27/2019AMPraise ServiceDr. Frank Thacker
10/13/2019AM10/13Steve Rowe
9/29/2019AM9/29Dr. Frank Thacker
9/22/2019AM9/22Dr. Frank Thacker
9/8/2019AMHomecommingDr. Frank Thacker
9/1/2019AMNo MoresDr. Frank Thacker
8/18/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
8/11/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
8/4/2019AMIs He More Precious than Gold?Dr. Frank Thacker
7/28/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
7/21/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
7/14/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
7/7/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
6/30/2019AMJune 30Steve Rowe
6/23/2019AM6/23Dr. Frank Thacker
6/16/2019AMWhat a Wonderful FatherDr. Frank Thacker
6/9/2019AMLife Goes OnDr. Frank Thacker
5/26/2019AMMemorial DayDr. Frank Thacker
5/19/2019AMFaithDr. Frank Thacker
5/12/2019AMMothers DayDr. Frank Thacker
5/5/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
4/28/2019AMFaith!Dr. Frank Thacker
4/21/2019AMEasterDr. Frank Thacker
4/14/2019AMFaith!Steve Rowe
4/7/2019AMD R HarrisonD R Harrison
3/31/2019AMIsaiah 53Dr. Frank Thacker
3/13/2019PMFinish!Cody Zorn
3/12/2019PMThank God, Im FreeCody Zorn
3/11/2019PMJesus: For all the Days That End in YCody Zorn
3/10/2019AM2019 JubileeDavid Harrison
3/10/2019PM2019 JubileeDavid Harrison
3/3/2019AMFaith ThinkingDr. Frank Thacker
2/24/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
2/17/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
2/10/2019AMMissions ConferenceRussell Kidman
2/10/2019PMMissions ConferenceRussell Kidman
2/8/2019PMMissions ConferenceRussell Kidman
2/7/2019pmMissions ConferenceRussell Kidman
2/6/2019PMMissions ConferenceRussell Kidman
2/3/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
1/27/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
1/20/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
1/6/2019AMEver Increasing FaithDr. Frank Thacker
12/30/2018AM12-30-2018Dr. Frank Thacker
12/23/2018AMChrist of Christmas, Past, Present and FutureDr. Frank Thacker
12/16/2018AM12-16-18Dr. Frank Thacker
10/28/2018AMWhen Gods Lamp Went OutDr. Frank Thacker
10/7/2018AMMidnight CryDr. Frank Thacker
9/30/2018AMGods Last InvitationDr. Frank Thacker
9/23/2018AMPsalms 146Dr. Frank Thacker
9/12/2018PMFall JubileeSean Tabb
9/11/2018PMFall JubileeSean Tabb
9/9/2018AMHomecommingSean Tabb
9/2/2018AMLabor DayDr. Frank Thacker
8/26/2018AMGive Me a DoubleDr. Frank Thacker
8/19/2018AMLots Last Night in SodomDr. Frank Thacker
8/12/2018AMAre You a PhariseeJeffrey Wright
8/5/2018AMThe Last SundayDr. Frank Thacker
7/29/2018AMCountdown to the RaptureDr. Frank Thacker
7/22/2018AMThere is Nobody Like My JesusDr. Frank Thacker
7/15/2018AMThanks to CalvaryDr. Frank Thacker
7/8/2018AMHow Close Are We to the Rapture?Dr. Frank Thacker
7/1/2018AMWhere is America Headed?Dr. Frank Thacker
6/24/2018AMTurning your Prison into a House of PraiseDr. Frank Thacker
6/17/2018AMA Godly FatherDr. Frank Thacker
6/10/2018AMTurning your Back on JesusDr. Frank Thacker
6/3/2018AMDaniel WatersDaniel Waters
5/27/2018AMWhat Does Memorial Day Mean to You?Jeffrey Wright
5/20/2018AMA Woman, A Well, and an Empty BucketDr. Frank Thacker
5/13/2018AMIs It Well with Your Soul?Dr. Frank Thacker
5/6/2018AMWinning the Battle over TemptationDr. Frank Thacker
4/29/2018AMFighting the Good Fight - Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
4/22/2018AMFighting the Good Fight - Part 1Dr. Frank Thacker
4/15/2018AMAre You a Victim or a Victor? Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
4/8/2018AMAre You a Victim or a Victor? Part 1Dr. Frank Thacker
4/1/2018AMEasterDr. Frank Thacker
3/25/2018AMThe Precious BloodDr. Frank Thacker
3/18/2018AMThe Precious BloodDr. Frank Thacker
3/15/2018PMSpring JubileeCody Zorn
3/15/2018AMSpring JubileeDoug Neary
3/14/2018AMSpring JubileeSteve Loy
3/14/2018PMSpring JubileeCody Zorn
3/14/2018AMSpring JubileeDoug Neary
3/13/2018PMSpring JubileeCody Zorn
3/13/2018AMSpring JubileeTom Boling
3/13/2018AMSpring JubileeJimmy Clark
3/12/2018PMSpring JubileeCody Zorn
3/11/2018AMHave You Ever Repented?D R Harrison
3/11/2018PMSpring JubileeDr. Frank Thacker
3/4/2018AMThe Precious BloodDr. Frank Thacker
2/25/2018AMThe Precious BloodDr. Frank Thacker
2/18/2018AMI Going FishingDale Vance
2/11/2018AMThe Precious BloodDr. Frank Thacker
2/7/2018PMFaith Promise MissionsRussell Kidman
2/6/2018PMFaith Promise MissionsRussell Kidman
2/5/2018PMFaith Promise MissionsRussell Kidman
1/28/2018AMWhy Didnt It Work?Dr. Frank Thacker
1/21/2018AMPower and Authority of the BelieverDr. Frank Thacker
12/17/2017AMThree Most Important DaysDr. Frank thacker
12/3/2017AMSowing and ReapingDr. Frank thacker
11/26/2017AMSomething Time Will Never ChangeDr. Frank thacker
11/19/2017AMHave Faith in GodDr. Frank thacker
11/5/2017AMHave Faith in GodDr. Frank thacker
10/29/2017AMHow Beautiful Heaven Must BeDr. Frank thacker
10/1/2017AMUntitledDr. Frank thacker
9/14/2017PMPrayerD R Harrison
9/13/2017PMDamned By Your Own DelusionsD R Harrison
9/12/2017PMWhen Jesus is in the House?D R Harrison
9/10/2017AMHomecommingTom Boling
6/25/2017AMWhere is the Lamb?Dr. Frank Thacker
6/18/2017AMFathers DayDr. Frank Thacker
6/11/2017AMYour Decision Today will Affect your TomorrowJeffrey Wright
6/4/2017AMAre You SavedDr. Frank Thacker
5/28/2017AMMemorial DayDr. Frank Thacker
5/14/2017AMGreat FaithDr. Frank Thacker
5/7/2017AMWho is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?Jeffrey Wright
4/30/2017AMHave You Been to the Upper RoomDr. Frank thacker
4/23/2017AMSpring JubileeSean Tabb
4/21/2017PMSpring JubileeSean Tabb
4/20/2017PMSpring JubileeSean Tabb
4/16/2017AMThe Road to EmmausDr. Frank thacker
3/26/2017AMDay of JudgementDr. Frank thacker
3/19/2017AMMercy Triumphs JudgmentDr. Frank Thacker
3/5/2017AMFaith the size of a Mustard SeedDr. Frank Thacker
2/26/2017AMJourney to the CrossDr. Frank Thacker
2/19/2017AMPrayerJimmy Hill
2/12/2017AMThe Rich ManDoug Martin
2/5/2017AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
1/29/2017PMLiving by FaithDr. Frank Thacker
1/22/2017AMReligious, But LostD R Harrison
1/15/2017AMI Know You NotDr. Frank Thacker
1/1/2017AMGreater FaithDr Frank Thacker
12/18/2016AMWhere is He, Born King of the JewsDr. Frank Thacker
12/11/2016AMWhat Child is This?Dr. Frank Thacker
12/4/2016PMThe Christmas Story According to IsaiahDr. Frank thacker
12/4/2016AMWhat Type of Faith is Yours?Dr. Frank Thacker
11/27/2016AMAccording to thy FaithDr. Frank Thacker
11/20/2016AMWhich Jonah are you?Russell Kiddman
11/6/2016AMThe Healer of the BlindnessDr. Frank Thacker
10/23/2016AMA Description of HeavenDr. Frank Thacker
10/9/2016AMI Give Unto You AuthorityDr. Frank Thacker
10/2/2016AMAuthority of the BelieverDr. Frank Thacker
8/28/2016AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
8/11/2016AMGods Final CallJimmy Hill
8/8/2016AMThings That Shall Come to Pass, ShortlyDr. Frank Thacker
7/24/2016AMThe Things that Shortly Shall Come to Pass Pt 2Dr. Frank Thacker
7/17/2016AMThe Things that Shortly Shall Come to PassDr. Frank Thacker
7/10/2016AMAll TogetherDaniel Waters
6/26/2016AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
6/19/2016AMSleeping with the Pigs, But I cant eat the bacon.Dr. Frank Thacker
6/12/2016AMGods Final Message to this World. Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
6/5/2016AMGods Final Message to this World. Part 1Dr. Frank Thacker
4/10/2016AMThe Story of the Second Rich ManDr. Frank Thacker
3/27/2016AMWhen the Dead Come Back to LifeDr. Frank Thacker
3/20/2016AMJubileeMike Whitt
3/20/2016PMJubilee - Cody Zorn
3/20/2016AMJubilee - The Presence of GodMark Hagan
3/19/2016PMJubileeCody Zorn
3/18/2016AMJubileeDaniel Waters
3/17/2016AMJubilee - The Man Who Keep PrayingHeath Williams
3/17/2016PMJubileeCody Zorn
2/21/2016AMThe Truth Shall Set You FreeDr. Frank Thacker
1/17/2016AMHow to Keep Your Prayer on TrackDr. Frank Thacker
1/10/2016AMCrying in the MorningDr. Frank Thacker
1/3/2016AMPray and Watch with ThanksgivingDr. Frank Thacker
12/31/2015PMWatch Night Service - The Lord was with Judah
12/31/2015PMWatch Night Service Gene Thomas
12/27/2015AMHave You Lost Your Christmas PraiseDr. Frank Thacker
12/20/2015AMThe Cradle, The Cross, and The CrownDr. Frank Thacker
12/13/2015AMDont Miss the BabyDr. Frank Thacker
11/22/2015AMThank God for the MemoriesDr. Frank Thacker
11/15/2015AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
11/8/2015AMRemoving the Ancient LandmarksDr. Frank Thacker
11/1/2015AMWhen Your World Comes to a Stand StillDr. Frank Thacker
10/25/2015AMThrowing Rocks and Kicking DirtDr. Frank Thacker
10/18/2015AMGo Get GodDr. Frank Thacker
10/11/2015AMLeft Handed WarriorsDr. Frank Thacker
10/4/2015AMIt is FinishedDr. Frank Thacker
8/30/2015AMI Want to be an Eagle ChristianDr. Frank Thacker
8/23/2015AMWhere Will You Cast Your Stone?Dr. Frank Thacker
8/16/2015AMJust Before He ComesDr, Frank Thacker
8/8/2015AMYour Biggest EnemyBrian
8/8/2015AMTelling the TruthTom Bowling
8/8/2015AMStaying Connected to the RiverGene Thomas
8/8/2015AMThe Lord was with JosephDr. Frank Thacker
7/19/2015AMAre You Tired of LivingDr. Frank Thacker
7/12/2015AMWhat will You do for Your KingDr. Frank Thacker
7/5/2015AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
6/28/2015AMThe Enemies of the HomeDr. Frank Thacker
6/21/2015AMThe Enemies of the HomeDr. Frank Thacker
6/7/2015AMTomorrow's HeadlinesDr. Frank Thacker
5/31/2015AMHow to Suceed as a ChristianJeffrey Wright
5/24/2015AMThis Day A MemorialDr. Frank Thacker
5/17/2015AMWhat is Your Golden Calf?Jeffrey Wright
5/17/2015PMHow to Escape the Snare of the FowlerDr. Frank Thacker
5/10/2015AMThe Blessed Benefits of a Christian MotherDr Frank Thacker
5/3/2015AMTell It, Like It IsDr Frank Thacker
4/19/2015PMDavids Delayed KingdomJeffrey Wright
4/19/2015AMVictors EverydayJay Odell
3/29/2015AMPalm SundayFrank Thacker
3/22/2015AMWhen the Devil will not leave you aloneFrank Thacker
3/20/2015AMSpring Jubilee - HopeSteve Rowe
3/20/2015AMSpring JubileeNathan Hammill
3/20/2015AMSpring Jubilee - My Anchor HoldsGene Thomas
3/20/2015PMSpring JubileeCody Zorn
3/19/2015PMSpring Jubilee - Had it not beenCody Zorn
3/19/2015AMSpring Jubilee - Why God, Why?Grey Savage
3/19/2015AMSpring Jubilee - CompassionDoug Neary
3/18/2015PMSpring Jubilee - Worship that WorksCody Zorn
3/17/2015PMSpring Jubilee - Faith under FireCody Zorn
3/17/2015AMSpring JubileeDoug Martin
3/17/2015AMSpring JubileeSteve Loy
3/17/2015AMSpring JubileeJeff Kaylor
3/16/2015PMSpring Jubilee - Come to TrustCody Zorn
3/15/2015PMSpring Jubilee - God, Water to the soulCody Zorn
3/15/2015AMSpring Jubilee - Somethings between Here and ThereDaniel Waters
3/8/2015AMThe Coming War between Israel and IranFrank Thacker
3/1/2015AM10 VirginsFrank Thacker
2/22/2015AMHold on, Its going to get betterFrank Thacker
2/15/2015AMFour Types of Soil Which Are You?Frank Thacker
2/15/2015PM5 Things of Christs Last Will and TestamentFrank Thacker
2/8/2015AMSpiritual WaterDoug Martin
2/1/2015PMPrayerFrank Thacker
1/18/2015AM5 Loaves and 2 FishesFrank Thacker
1/18/2015PMIs your Prayer Life, Dead as a Door KnobFrank Thacker
1/11/2015AMWaiting on the LordFrank Thacker
1/4/2015AMWhere is God?Frank Thacker
12/31/2014PMWatch Night Service 2014Tom Bowling
12/31/2014PMWatch Night Service 2014- Why?Gene Thomas
12/31/2014PMWatch Night Service 2014Doug Bray
12/28/2014AMThe Power of TransformationFrank Thacker
12/21/2014AMThe Flowers of ChristmasFrank Thacker
12/14/2014AMDuties of FathersGrey Savage
12/7/2014AMWhen the Wood kills more people than the SwordFrank Thacker
12/7/2014PMThe Feeding of the 5000Jeffrey Wright
11/30/2014AMPreparing for the Kings ReturnFrank Thacker
11/9/2014AMPrayer and FastingFrank Thacker
11/2/2014AMWhen Jesus Shows UpFrank Thacker
10/26/2014AMThe God who is FaithfullFrank Thacker
10/19/2014AMThe End TimesFrank Thacker
10/19/2014AMThe End Times Part 2Frank Thacker
10/5/2014PMHorseman on the HorzionFrank Thacker
10/5/2014AMThe Power of the TongueFrank Thacker
8/17/2014AMThe Power of the ToungueFrank Thacker
8/10/2014AMThe Power of the TongueFrank Thacker
8/3/2014AMThe Power of the TongueFrank Thacker
7/27/2014AMRejoiceJeffrey Wright
7/20/2014AMThe Power of the TongueFrank Thacker
7/13/2014AMAlmsFrank Thacker
6/22/2014AMThe Hand of GodFrank Thacker
6/15/2014AMA Fathers LoveFrank Thacker
6/8/2014AMThe Power of PraiseFrank Thacker
6/1/2014PMPuddles of ButterFrank Thacker
5/25/2014AMMemorial DayFrank Thacker
5/18/2014AMUntitledJeffrey Wright
5/11/2014AMMothers DayFrank Thacker
5/4/2014AMDavids SonsFrank Thacker
4/27/2014AMThe Call of a PreacherFrank Thacker
4/13/2014AMBeing an Overcomer Part 5Frank Thacker
4/6/2014AMBeing an Overcomer Part 4Frank Thacker
4/6/2014PM5 Wise and 5 FoolishJeffrey Wright
3/30/2014AMBeing an Overcomer Part 3Frank Thacker
3/16/2014AMBeing an OvercomerFrank Thacker
3/12/2014AM2014 Spring JubileeJeff Kaylor
3/12/2014AM2014 Spring Jubilee - Boundaries & StandardsGene Thomas
3/12/2014PM2014 Spring JubileeCody Zorn
3/11/2014AM2014 Spring JubileeBilly Cashwell
3/11/2014AM2014 Spring JubileeDaniel Waters
3/11/2014PM2014 Spring JubileeCody Zorn
3/10/2014PM2014 Spring JubileeCody Zorn
3/9/2014AM2014 Spring JubileeFrank Thacker
3/9/2014PM2014 Spring JubileeCody Zorn
3/2/2014AMGodFrank Thacker
2/23/2014AMUntitledFrank Thacker
2/16/2014AMPeter, What were you thinkingFrank Thacker
2/16/2014PMWho is your GoliathJeffrey Wright
2/9/2014AMSatans DesireJim Wyatt
2/2/2014AMMistreating the Most Important Person in the ChurchFrank Thacker
2/2/2014PMStay in the BoatFrank Thacker
1/26/2014AMSomethings I Want to Leave to the Next GenerationFrank Thacker
1/12/2014AMWhy Noahs Neighbors Went to HellFrank Thacker
12/29/2013AMUntitledFrank Thacker
12/22/2013AMThe Three Greatest Days in HistoryDr. Frank Thacker
12/15/2013AMFor with God, Nothing shall be ImpossaibleDr. Frank Thacker
12/8/2013AMGods Christmas Present to YouDr. Frank Thacker
12/1/2013AMChristmas SeriesDr. Frank Thacker
11/24/2013AMOld Fashion DayDr. Frank Thacker
11/20/2013PMMissions ConferenceJim Wyatt
11/17/2013AMMissions ConferenceJim Wyatt
11/17/2013PMMissions ConferenceJim Wyatt
11/17/2013PMMissions ConferenceUnknown
11/13/2013AMThe Day He Touched MeDr. Frank Thacker
11/10/2013AMHe is the Lord of LordsDr. Frank Thacker
11/3/2013AMHe is the Lord over DarknessDr. Frank Thacker
11/3/2013PMThe Macedonian CallDr. Frank Thacker
10/27/2013AMHe is the Lord over DefeatismDr. Frank Thacker
10/20/2013AMHe Touched Me Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
10/13/2013AMHe Touched MeDr. Frank Thacker
9/15/2013AMThe Breath of GodDr. Frank Thacker
9/8/2013AMHome Comming - The Rich man and the BeggarJimmy Hill
9/1/2013AMRahabJeff Kaylor
8/18/2013AMThe place that burns like an ovenDr. Frank Thacker
8/11/2013AMHow to Prepare for the Second ComingDr. Frank Thacker
8/4/2013AMPrayerDr. Frank Thacker
8/4/2013PMWhat mean these stonesJeff Kaylor
7/28/2013AMThe World's Superman Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
7/28/2013PMSpirit will make intercessions for usDr. Frank Thacker
7/21/2013AMThe World's Superman Part 1Dr. Frank Thacker
7/14/2013AMWhats Happening in our World Today? Part 2Dr. Frank Thacker
7/7/2013PMSeven Reasons We Should Not WorryDr. Frank Thacker
7/7/2013AMWhat is Happening in our world, TodayDr. Frank Thacker
6/23/2013AMThe Fourth Man in the FireDr. Frank Thacker
6/16/2013AMFathers DayDr. Frank Thacker
6/9/2013AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
6/2/2013AMSix Water Pots filled with BlessingsDr. Frank Thacker
6/2/2013PMThe Whole Armour of the LordJeffrey Wright
5/12/2013AMMothers DayJeffrey Wright
4/28/2013AMOnly a Pot of OilFrank Thacker
4/21/2013AMAre you Wheat or TaresFrank Thacker
4/7/2013AMLets Go Fishing in Jesus PondFrank Thacker
3/31/2013AMUntitledDr. Frank Thacker
3/24/2013AMThree Gardens of GodFrank Thacker
3/17/2013AMThree Gardens of GodFrank Thacker
3/10/2013AMThanks to CalvaryFrank Thacker
3/3/2013AMSpecial ServiceDr Jimmy Vaughn
2/24/2013AMBroken HeartFrank Thacker
2/17/2013AMEvil HeartFrank Thacker
2/10/2013AMHow Does Your Heart Measure UpFrank Thacker
2/3/2013AMHelp For A Trouble HeartFrank Thacker
2/3/2013PMWho is Waiting On YouJim Wyatt
2/3/2013AMThe Troubled HeartDr. Frank Thacker
2/3/2013PMWho is Waiting for You?Jim Wyatt
1/27/2013AMThis Same JesusFrank Thacker
1/20/2013AMThey Were First Called ChristiansFrank Thacker
1/13/2013AMTricks of SatanDon Herald
1/6/2013AMHow To Start the New YearFrank Thacker
12/30/2012AMChristmas StoryFrank Thacker
12/16/2012AMChristmas Gifts That Have Not Been DeliveredFrank Thacker
12/9/2012AMSeeing the Unseen Part 2Frank Thacker
11/25/2012AMAmericas Pathway to DestructionFrank Thacker
11/11/2012AMThe Very Last DaysFrank Thacker
11/4/2012AMAbrahams WellsFrank Thacker
10/28/2012AMSeeing the Unseen Part 1Frank Thacker
10/21/2012AMHow to PrayJim Wyatt
10/21/2012PMMore Victory Than You Can CarryJim Wyatt
10/7/2012AMThe Blood of JesusFrank Thacker
10/7/2012PMVictory in TrialsJim Wyatt
9/30/2012AMWhat Makes a Difference?Frank Thacker
9/23/2012AMLord, Where are You?Frank Thacker
9/16/2012AMPsalms 23Frank Thacker
9/9/2012AMHome ComingFrank Thacker
9/2/2012AMGods Labor DayFrank Thacker
9/2/2012PMI Shall Not Be MovedFrank Thacker
8/26/2012AMGoing thru the MotionsFrank Thacker
8/24/2012AMCamp MeetingGary Wood
8/24/2012PMCamp MeetingGary Wood
8/24/2012PMCamp Meeting Dr. Neal Jackson
8/24/2012AMCamp MeetingVarious
8/23/2012AMCamp MeetingJeff Kaylor
8/23/2012AMCamp MeetingVarious
8/23/2012AMCamp Meeting - WhosoeverVarious
8/22/2012AMCamp MeetingRicky Cox
8/22/2012PMCamp Meeting - RememberJim Wyatt
8/22/2012AMCamp MeetingBrother Nelson
8/21/2012AMCamp MeetingCarl Davenport
8/21/2012PMCamp MeetingRobert Fraley
8/20/2012PMCamp MeetingVarious
8/19/2012AMCamp MeetingJim Wyatt
8/19/2012PMCamp MeetingDon Herald
8/12/2012AMBeholdFrank Thacker
8/5/2012PMUntitledFrank Thacker
8/5/2012AMGive Me Back, What Belongs to MeFrank Thacker
7/22/2012AMMustard Seed FaithFrank Thacker
7/15/2012AMLot's Last Night in SoddomFrank Thacker
6/24/2012AMLeadership of the Holy SpiritFrank Thacker
6/10/2012AMThe Rich ManFrank Thacker
6/3/2012AMThe Lambs Book of LifeFrank Thacker
5/13/2012AMThe Mother of TimothyFrank Thacker
5/6/2012AMHow to Turn the Jail House into the Church HouseFrank Thacker
5/6/2012PMTouching the Heart of GodFrank Thacker
4/29/2012AMDavid's Three Mighty MenFrank Thacker
4/8/2012AM3 Places We Must GoFrank Thacker
4/1/2012AMDo You Have Enough Faith to Get Your Feet WetFrank Thacker
3/25/2012AMAre You Tired of LivingFrank Thacker
3/18/2012AMThe day that Jesus got MadFrank Thacker
2/26/2012AMWhen Jesus is in the HouseFrank Thacker
2/19/2012AMWhen the Sword Stays at your HouseFrank Thacker
2/12/2012AMUntitledFrank Thacker
2/5/2012AMGods Love LetterFrank Thacker
2/5/2012PMThe City of RefugeCity of Refuge
1/29/2012AMThe Lords SupperFrank Thacker
1/22/2012AMUntitledFrank Thacker
1/15/2012AMUntitledJeff Kaylor
1/8/2012AMThings That are LostFrank Thacker
1/1/2012AM7 New Things for the New YearFrank Thacker
1/1/2012PMPraying MoreFrank Thacker
9/25/2011AMUntitledFrank Thacker
9/18/2011AMBehold the LambFrank Thacker
9/11/2011AMHomecoming Frank Thacker
9/4/2011AMStir UpFrank Thacker
8/28/2011AMThe message from a cough drop Frank Thacker
8/24/2011AMCamp Meeting Tom Bowling
8/24/2011AMCamp Meeting Jim Wyatt
8/23/2011AMCamp Meeting Jeff Kaylor
8/23/2011AMCamp Meeting Doug Neary
8/23/2011PMCamp Meeting Tommy Cook
8/22/2011AMCamp Meeting Terry Warren
8/22/2011AMCamp Meeting Tom Robinson
8/22/2011AMCamp Meeting Steve Loy
8/22/2011PMCamp Meeting Randy Hobbs
8/21/2011AMStart of the Camp Meeting Don Harrel
8/21/2011PMCamp Meeting
3/20/2011AMThe Lord was with JosephDr. Frank Thacker
3/6/2010AMBroken Things Frank Thacker
10/19/2008AMMark of the Beast and the Final Tattoo Part 2 Frank Thacker
10/12/2008AMMark of the Beast and the Final Tattoo Part 1 Frank Thacker
7/24/2008AMWhere is Heaven?Frank Thacker
10/21/2007AMSome Call It Heaven, But I Call It HomeFrank Thacker
9/2/2007AMI am a Poor Rich ManDr. Frank Thacker
7/22/2007AMThe Blind BeggerFrank Thacker
7/1/2007AMAmerica:Remove Not the Old LandmarkDr. Frank Thacker
6/10/2007AMTake Off Your MaskFrank Thacker
6/10/2007AMTake Off Your MaskDr. Frank Thacker
5/6/2007PMFeasting with the LordFrank Thacker
5/6/2007AMFeasting with the LordFrank Thacker
4/29/2007AMWhy is God present with His People?Frank Thacker
4/22/2007AMThings God Wants Us to KnowFrank Thacker
2/2/1991PMRevivalMaze Jackson
1/29/1991PMRevivalMaze Jackson
9/10/1989AMUntitledTom Hill
9/10/1989AM1st HomecomingTom Hill
9/3/1989AMUntitledTom Hill